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Legacy International Realty working with HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home 

Legacy International Realty is Doing Something Right... We were selected out of All the Realtors in SW Florida to work with HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home during the Cape Coral Episode... 


Why Do I Sell Real Estate?

This is an easy question...  My first home purchase was months before the worst housing crash in history and I lost BIG!  I decided that I needed to learn everything I could to be the Realtor I wish I'd had. I have dedicated my life to helping people navigate buying and selling homes to build wealth, not lose it. 

Why am I a Broker?

I have witnessed first hand how BIG name real estate companies give Independent Contractor Agreements to EVERY Realtor with no regard to experience, knowledge, professionalism or sales history.  We are not a small team of Realtors, we are an exclusive team and a powerhouse of knowledge in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Technology, Investing, Credit Repair, Construction, Flipping, Negotiations and Finance.


We are the team to Call when you want RESULTS.

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