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Setting the Selling Price 

What is your home worth?  There are websites that will give you online estimate, my website has one to....


But it does NOT factor in neighborhood, water access, home updates, home condition or remove distressed sales from the equation.  Not all homes are the same, and that is why we need a human perspective to pin point the best selling price. 


Here is a list of things that factor into your home value:

  • Appeal to Buyers 

  • Lot Size and Type (Dry, freshwater, gulf access, Beachfront)

  • Seawall, Dock, Boat Lift

  • Pool, pool heater, spa, cage

  • Home Size and Year

  • Roof Age 

  • AC Age

  • Plumbing Condition

  • Age of Electrical Panel and Wiring 

  • Window Type (Shutter or Hurricane Impact)

  • Kitchen Counters and Appliances

  • Bathroom Features and Design

  • Location & Neighborhood

  • Community Amenities (Golf, Clubhouse, pool, gym)

Comparing to Similar Sold Homes

I will need to see what your home has to offer buyers.  So if you are busy just email or text photos to me (239-292-3184).

I will then compare your home against other homes based on the items in the list above.  We look heavily at homes the same year, size and condition to see what they appraised and sold for.  This sets a pricing guideline for your home to keep your selling price in line with the banks appraised value.  We can sell for more but the financing may be contingent on the appraised price. 

Once we average the comparable sales, we then deduct taxes, mortgage payoff and closing fees to provide you with a net profit estimate. 


If you want to get your home on the market tomorrow then lets set up a meeting and get to work. 

Check out Our NET SHEET Calculator 

Home Condition & Disclosures 

I have included a link to the SELLERS PROPERTY DISCLOSURE FORM.  This covers all the items that you may have knowledge of as the home-owner.  Do not fret if you don't have all the answers... that is why the buyers will conduct a home inspection. 

You also have the option of doing a sellers pre-inspection.  You will get a full report before we list your home of any items that may show as a concern to buyers.  This inspection can run $250-500 depending on size of the home. Then you can get a head start on any repairs you feel are needed before getting a contract on your home. 

Sellers Disclosure Form 


Upon completion of the inspections the buyers may request repairs.  The home is typically sold AS IS meaning repairs are not required, however the buyers are protected during the inspection period.  They have a right to cancel if the home and repairs are more costly than original thought.  So typically buyer and seller come to a reasonable agreement on repairs given the condition of the home. 

Some issues as plumbing, electrical panel and aged roof may not be insurable and prevent a loan from being issued.  And it's usually Realtors to the Rescue to help you navigate the big fixes to save the deal and get you to closing day.  

Home Repairs & Handymen

I have several reputable businesses that will work for you to get your home ready for sale.  Lets just say when you work with me, I call in every favor they owe me to get you the best pricing possible.  If we discover there is a big job like new plumbing or new electrical.  I have negotated for the contractors to bill you at time of closing.  We will help you with everything during the process.

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