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Bank Disclosures 

The lender will send over disclosures for buyers and sellers to review.  The buyers disclosures have a waiting period attached to them. We can close 3 days after signature but the numbers may still adjust as the taxes are prorated to the day of closing.  And this is the time that Realtors also review the numbers to make sure all fees are paid by correct party and there are no errors on closing statements.

Final Walk Through 

Typically the buyers will walk the home 1-2 days before closing.  This is to approve the conditions the sellers have left the home and prepare for closing day.

Wire Cash to Close

Title company will provide you with wiring instructions to wire the cash to close.  They will give you the final cash to close amount the the day before closing.  Wire should be initiated the day before closing.  Send proof of wire to the title agent and Realtor.


It is perfectly fine to call your utility companies and schedule for them to turn on the day after closing

Closing Day and Keys

Closing day will be scheduled by the title company with buyers and sellers.  We love to have you attend the closing and celebrate your day with us.  If you have to be out of town we need to know in advance to conduct a mail away closing. 

Bring your ID and CHECKBOOK.    Prepare yourself... you will be signing your name to the mortgage documents for about 45 minutes...cramping may occur...we understand.  You will receive keys to your home as soon as all the mortgage funds have been released to the seller.  This usually happens same day, but if you sign after 2pm this may happen the next business day.  

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