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Best Practices for Showing your Home

We need your home picture perfect for Photos, 3D tour scanning and buyer showings.  To help with this we will have your home professionally cleaned.  But we do ask that you do a few simple things for your showings.

  1. Keep the home tidy for showings.

  2. Spray some air fresher and leave fans on. 

  3. If you are stepping out during showing, leave on the lights and maybe some soft music.  

  4. Make the home as inviting as possible.  You want them to walk in and never want to leave. 

  5. Leave the home and allow for buyers to have plenty of time to look pressure free and speak freely with their agent about finances.

And finally a REALTOR will always accompany a buyer through your home.  It will be either your Legacy Listing Realtor or the Buyers Realtor.  And we will get feedback up to 24 hours after the showing. 

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