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There are several things that Realtors do to promote your home.  50% of our job is working the deal and the other 50% is marketing.  We live, work and breathe REAL ESTATE.  So whether we are at the office, showing homes, posting ads, attending networking events, attending social events and even playing at the beach... we are trying to meet the perfect buyer for your home. 

Since 95% of people start their home search online, we are all over that.. We push your property to hundreds of home search portals. 

And to make sure your home is better than your neighbors, we take professional photos, Arial photos, videos, and 3D tour.  We are the home paparazzi if you will.  This package would cost you $1000 to do yourself, we invest in marketing to get the sale you deserve. 

Social Media & Paid Ads

Social media ads and posting are quickly replacing television and radio ads in both popularity and customer reach.  So yes we are doing that too.  We actually pay people to post online because we are out and about selling and marketing person to person.


We have sponsored ads on various platforms like linkedin, facebook and instagram. 

Just think about brands like Nike, McDonalds and Starbucks.... they advertise and we do to.  

I shared a snapshot of an ad that we run and my video has over 6,000 views.  And you will notice the sponsored at the top, that means we are playing ad's in Florida, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio and many more states.  (We love rescuing people from those snow covered states, and they love us too.) 

Just posting a listing on MLS and putting a sign in the yard is NOT enough to get it sold. 


Videos & TV Appearances

Would you speak to a room of 1000 people for work.... scares me too... but I record videos to play on the web for an unlimited audience to attract buyers and promote listings.  The technology trend is moving to video, virtual reality and 3D tours.  And I have invested in the equipment to provide my customers the very best without an extra cost. If a photo is worth a thousand words, I guess a video is worth a couple million comments online.  I want only the best photos and videos of your home to hit the market so more people call to tour it. 

I have even sold a home before the buyer stepped foot into the home because they had a difficult work schedule and they viewed the 3D tour online late after work.  So, yes my degree in information technology and marketing gives me an edge over other realtors.  And I  love when my inner tech geek makes more money for my sellers because we get more views and more offers.

Click here to check out some of my Videos 

Professional Photography 

So I'm just going to be totally real with you, I have a lot of talents and photography is not one.  I would never risk your home sale on photos from my iPhone.  When you have less than 10 seconds to get a buyers attention online we do not leave anything to chance.  Photographers use different lighting, effects, lenses, and cameras to capture your home and important selling features. 

Virtual Staging 

Virtual staging is a wonderful touch if you have moved out and need to sell fast.  Staged homes sell faster and for more money than vacant homes....professionally styled homes with modern touches will attract more showings.  And yes, we have the technology to offer this when you work with Legacy. 

Check out the before and after difference...

Tracking Reports & Showing Feedback

As we are in the selling stage of the home I will provide you with feedback from all showing.  This will help us to know how your homes compares with other homes on the market.  Sometimes buyers like a night to sleep on it so we usually have feedback by the next day.  

I have also found a great report that is emailed every Wednesday to the you, the seller, to track some of our online activity.  This report shows a portion of the platforms that we use and offers important tracking metrics to show how popular your listing is online.  If we are getting online traffic without foot traffic then again we need to sweeten the deal for buyers or reduce price to draw them in. 

Sellers Report and When To Drop the Price 

We will do everything possible to get the attention of buyers all over the world, so that they will pick up the phone or message us that they want to book a showing to make an offer. 

If we are getting 100's of views weekly but not many showings.  Then we need to look at changing the marketing.  If we are still not getting any showings then buyers may feel that the home is priced to high.  It's not a reflection of your's simply that there are some better deals out there.  We will look at the numbers and run profit net sheets to find your sweet spot. 

So lets adjust price so that the buyers react and send in an offer. And you can move onto the next chapter in your own new home. 

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