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Why Do You Need A Realtor for New Construction?

With Hundreds of builders all fighting for your business... it can be a overwhelming comparing prices, building specs, upgrade lists, cost estimates, floor plans, lot sets backs, lot sizes, seawalls, pools, flood zones, color selections, and payment terms.

I once finished a color selection with an amazing couple and she turned to me and said I almost divorced him three times over just the granite selection.... (lol).  So I'm even a mediator when opposite attract... and build a home. 

Hidden Expenses of Building 

So it is my job to go over all the options you want in your contract up front to have them financed into the loan and avoid expensive change order bills. 

One of the things people are not aware of is change orders and upgrades are costs incurred after the contract price.  These bills can rack up quickly.  

So I will work with you to think of everything before the permit is pulled.  Because every change request after the contract is signed... is expensive, slows down the build schedule and must be paid cash before the project continues. 

In building and renovations you have an "oh crap" fund...


oh crap I forgot I want a rain shower head not a regular shower head

  • before contract $200 dollar

  • while building $1750, redoing plumbing, redoing drywall, redoing tile, filing change order of plans to city, redoing the inspection...

A few of these moments and your wallet and the builder patience will be wearing thin.. 

So we will plan as much as possible before signing and locking in the contract price and I suggest building in a small overage budget for fancy lights, appliances or some forgotten details. 

I have helped buyers in over a hundred new construction builds (and counting).  And just when I think I have seen it all, the powers that be provide a new and interesting challenge.  

Some challenges that could result in major expenses are:

  • Mangroves

  • Eagle zones

  • Burrowing Owls

  • Tortoises

  • Low lying lots

  • Lot clearing 

  • Lots having Rock near Canal Edge (they have to blow it up with explosives to build seawall... but I don't think you want to pay extra for the fireworks show)

There are different types of builder: custom, semi-custom and production.  Custom builders will allow more options in plan design, building specs, and colors selections. 


Builders build, and you may have one or two short meeting to discuss options. As a Realtor I will spend days with you looking at completed homes and making a wish list of all the features you want in your home.  

We will discuss things like:

  • Changes to Floorplans

  • Roof type:  Shingle, Tile, Metal

  • Driveway:  Concrete or Pavers

  • Shutters or Hurricane Windows 

  • 90 Degree Sliders, Height and Hidden Slider Option

  • Pool Package Options

  • Best Placement of the Pool with Home Design

  • Pool Heater or Solar Heater

  • Additional Fill Dirt to Lower Flood Insurance 

  • Landscaping & Sprinklers Allowances

  • Additional Fill Dirt to Lower Flood Insurance 

  • Garage Size (and does that fit on your lot)

  • Ceiling Type and Height

  • Standard Cabinets vs Upgrades

  • Granite or Cortz

  • Bath Tub Sizes 

  • Fixtures 

  • Tile Design for Floors, Shower, Kitchen

  • Floor Tile Direction (yes diagonal costs more)

  • Specialty Cabinets (trash, pans, wine cabinets)

  • and more... 

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