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Lacey Dickinson

Lacey Dickinson Cell: 239-292-3184

Why Do We Work As A Team?

We realize that it takes a village to buy and sell homes.  Legacy Realtors collaborate with the team to use our individual strengths to benefit our customers.  We have experts in finance, marketing, sales, negotiations and construction all working to put money back in your pocket

How to Select The Right Agent?

All of our Realtors have amazing strengths and skills to buy and sell property.  When working as a BUYER's Realtor we are focused on offering amazing help to lower your mortgage payment, get the best price on the home and getting you the keys.

Then as the Listing Agent we have a completely different hat that we wear, to get those home improvement done with little out of pocket costs, we get the home staged and ready to provide you with a profitable home sale. 

And finally, if you have one home... lets get you on an investment track and show you how to make money by renting or remodeling a second home.  

Send us a text or call today and the best Realtor for you will contact you to get started. 

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