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Aerial view of city and gulf Cape Coral,

Backyard Boating

If you decided a waterfront home is right for you.  Here are a few things to think about.  Lots without a seawall will need a seawall built. 


Seawalls are priced by the linear foot.  Extras costs for a concrete cantilever dock and if your canal has mangroves or coral rock.  

For a lot of an existing home you will want to know the size of the dock and boat lift.  After all, you want to make sure your boat is not too big for the existing lift. 

Dock and seawall companies are great to provide quotes and ease all your concerns.  We can create your perfect backyard boating oasis. (And yes I have helped finance a seawall into construction loans.) 


What Type of Boater are You?

SW Florida is a Boaters Paradise.  There are so many ways to enjoy the waterways and beaches.  I'm going to introduce you to boating in SW Florida.

Gulf Access or Freshwater 

When looking at the map, not all canals reach the Gulf.  You will have to do your homework and work with a local Realtor to find the right waterfront property. 

We have canals that are Gulf Access for the sport boater and fisherman.  And we have Fresh Water canals that access a lake system.  Then you have areas that are Sail boat access because you have no bridges to the open water. 

So you must decide early if you love the view or want to cruise the coast from your back yard.  

Public Boat Ramps

You also have several public boat ramps that you can drop your boat in and enjoy the waters.  Hook up the trailer to the truck and you are on your way.

Click Here for an interactive map of the Waterways & Public Boat Launch

Boat Clubs  & Marinas

If you love a home that is not on the water, no fear you have options.  

We have several Marinas that you can buy or rent a boat slip.  They provide amazing service and will prep your boat and drop it in the water for you.  You hop on and head out.  Marinas are also closer to open water so your spending less time at idle speed navigating the canals and more time at your favorite spot on the beach.  The marina staff will also refuel, wash and store your boat for next time.  All the fun and none of the work of boater life.

If you haven't committed to your own boat or you are still a seasonal resident then a Boat Club is perfect.  You pay a membership fee and you have access to different boats for different adventures.  

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