When talking about Realtor commissions there are a lot of misconceptions out there.  Realtors are compensated based on performance, we are one of the few professions that you can work for a seller for 3 months and never receive a dime if the seller rejects a profitable offer or circumstances change and they decide to take the home off the market.  Imagine for a minute if you only received a pay check when you put in 110% at work, well that is the type of person that you are hiring to sell your home.

We only receive compensation if your home is sold successfully.  So in essence we are your partners in the process, we get paid when you get paid on the sale of your home. 

Realtor Commissions & Brokerage Fee

As we are prepping your home for sale, I recommend packing away anything that you can live without for a few weeks.  Store it neatly in the garage.  And we will arrange to pay up to $350 toward movers to do all the heavy lifting.  We are taking the work out of selling for you.  

And yes we will also have your home professionally cleaned ($300 value) to have it sparkling for photos and showings.  

As a customer of Legacy International you will be receiving VIP treatment all the way.  Since we know how important it is to make a wallet opening first impression with the buyers. We are taking our years of selling and buyer knowledge to stage your home.  We will take 1 or 2 days to go into your home and remove clutter from counters, pack away personal items, and re-arrange your furniture to show your home beautifully. 

Free Staging Services

Free Movers just for You

Free Cleaning of Your Home

Legacy International Realty listing have a 6% Brokerage Fee which is split 50/50 between the Legacy International Realty as the Listing Brokerage and the Buyers Realtors Brokerage.  The Realtors are then paid by the Real Estate Brokerage after deductioins are made for business fees, marketing fees and taxes.  (Even some new online brokerage models have a 7% fee and online auctions charge up to 6% fees)

There are higher Realtor commission and bonuses offered by new construction homes in gated communities and by local builders, they realize the value of REALTORS and want to compete for your buyers.  Yes, you will find Brokerages out there that will discount fees, but I find that they will also cut corners on service, photos, marketing and your selling price.  

Listing Contract with Legacy International Realty

If you are anything like me, you want to consider all your options and be well informed.  So I have attached a link to the standard Florida Listing Agreement.  Click the link and contact me to further clarify any clauses.  The contract is written by lawyers and can be a little scary at first glance.  

Click here to Download a copy of Florida Realtors Listing Agreement 

The listing is for your protection and the Realtors protection.  We want to earn your business and you want your Realtor to be under contract to preform for you.  This just keep all parties informed and working for the same result, the sale of your home. 

Home Condition & Disclosures 

I have included a link to the SELLERS PROPERTY DISCLOSURE FORM.  This covers all the items that you may have knowledge of as the home-owner.  Do not fret if you don't have all the answers... that is why the buyers will conduct a home inspection. 

You also have the option of doing a sellers pre-inspection.  You will get a full report before we list your home of any items that may show as a concern to buyers.  This inspection can run $250-500 depending on size of the home. Then you can get a head start on any repairs you feel are needed before getting a contract on your home. 

Sellers Disclosure Form